I’m sure by now you all are well aware of the different ways you can donate, but I will still urge you to contact your countries branch of the Red Cross and help in any way you can. I have added a link on the side panel to the relief project being held by the Heartbreaker car club, it’s a great way to score a cool sticker for your ride while helping out those in need.

Upon seeing the recent devastation that the truly amazing country has been subjected to, it made me realise that I never shared any of my photos from the time I spent there last year. In August I traveled to Tokyo, Fuji, Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Osaka, back when we described Japan by using words such as culture, structure, respect, engineering, perfection, and efficiency, instead of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear. So think of this as my pictorial tribute, and I hope you enjoy some of my captures of this stunning part of the world prior to the terrible events of 2011, click for slightly larger versions.










Japanese Red Cross

Australian Red Cross

American Red Cross




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3 Responses to “Japan”

  1. kyusha kai says:

    Beautiful! How hard was it to climb Mt. Fuji? Looking at your pictures made me add that to my bucket list.

  2. anth says:

    It was treacherous man! We did it all wrong, we started at about 8pm and made it to the summit at sunrise, all in one go, then we walked back down straight away, took me a few days to recover properly haha. If I had to do it again, I’d plan it better and organise to sleep/rest along the way at the stations they have there.

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