New logo + Time Attack Lada

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally updated the Build Threads logo to a much more versatile format. Gone is the fluro green, in it’s place is a nice vintage green, which opens up the possibilities for printed merchandise, so stay tuned.



I also thought I’d dip my toes into the very-serious world of Time Attack racing in the way of a render, so I present to you, the Time Attack Lada Niva! Click the first image to bask in it’s glory in high-resolution. Keen eyes might just spot a future Build Threads sticker design.


Niva TT



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6 Responses to “New logo + Time Attack Lada”

  1. That Lada needs more wing!

    Nice change :-).

  2. al1e says:

    Hi! Why? Lada Niva is russian jeep? It’s not sportcar? Why time attack?

  3. turbotoaster says:

    That lada is awesome, lots of little details on it aswell when you look at it closely, actually alot of it is similar to the time attack build im doing at the moment (with a proper build thread of course!)

  4. Jon says:

    Love the new logo but we need new forum signature’s too 😉

  5. fwolf says:

    Hope you set THAT stuff up in some vector graphic editor … would be a waste if it was just ‘shopped.

    cu, w0lf.

  6. John says:

    That is one different time attack car…….did you do the render yourself???

    If so do you do customer orders? I need a rendering of my datsun project to keep me motivated

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