Alfa Romeo Hot Rod

Yes you read that right, an Alfa Romeo Hot Rod. Who would be crazy enough to put something like this together? The Swedes of course!

Thanks to Mikael for submitting.


CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


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4 Responses to “Alfa Romeo Hot Rod”

  1. bc says:

    Nice work, dont rate the wheels though, don’t suit it at all.. but the rest is nice

  2. Lionel Body says:

    It’s good to see another alfa rod being built, I understand that there are now about 7 world wide that are on-line, mine is a 1929 A pick-up with a 3L V6 and a transaxle under the buck.

  3. Zacche, Flavio Henrique says:

    Ti4 own an Alfa Romeo 2300 1984 and my dream is to make a hot with mechanics, with aluminum body and rivets (type fuzelagem plane). Congratulations for the project!

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