Dedication… Datsun 610

Many aspects of the car scene are subjective, whether it be the style you choose to modify in, the brand of car you desire, or the purpose you use it for. One thing that can’t be argued about is the bond between a man and his car, and how hard it is to break. Jon drove a Datsun 610 that was the recipient of an unfortunate T-bone accident, but he didn’t give up and chose to re-shell his pride and joy in the driveway, one piece at a time.

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13 Responses to “Dedication… Datsun 610”

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  2. Jesse says:

    Is that Bonvo’s 610?

  3. bonvo says:

    omg thats my car!!! i made build threads!!!

  4. Skib says:

    yup! thats Bonvos car!

    a lot of hard work and dedication have gone into bringing this car back from the dead.

  5. Jesse says:

    Congratulations man, you’ve definitely earned the recognition. You’ve been pounding on that thing for so long, and totally worked through a lot. Also, you cleaned up those wheels you got off me perfectly. I didn’t know they could look as good as they did.

  6. niice…are those mk1 mr2 seats?

  7. bonvo says:

    jesse the wheels turned out great they need a little more work to be perfect once thats done im gonna run them as an extra set of wheels (smoky burnouts come to mind)

    the seats that are in there now are aw11 mr2 seats that i got from a friend when he junked his mr2 they will be reupholstered someday just not sure when

  8. redbanner says:

    it so weird to see your car on another site.
    def deserve the props for your dedication.

  9. hacked521 says:

    bonvo definitely deserves this, he has more dedication, time, patience, and work into this project than most.

  10. Larry Nakatsu says:

    You sold those Spectre 14″ wheels? I want them! $100 for all four? Please contact me.

  11. bonvo says:

    sorry the spectres are gone now

  12. bonvo says:

    check out the build thread on ratsun the car is now painted and an award winner

  13. LN323 says:

    Hey, did you ever sell those Spectre wheels? Still go them? Please contact me.

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