F1300T Hillclimb Racer

For some people, modifying an existing car isn’t enough, even completely dismantling one and reassembling it 10x better just won’t satisfy them. Oh no, they just have to show off their amazing amount of talent and build a car from scratch, the jerks! As you can tell by my jealousy, this is one impressive creation, based on an aluminium tube frame with a Hyabusa engine (to be turbocharged at a later date). It’s not quite finished yet so I’ll be sure to update again when it hits the road.

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Thanks to Andy for submitting.






CLICK HERE for the full build thread.

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2 Responses to “F1300T Hillclimb Racer”

  1. triheadwolf says:

    Finns. What would you expect. Hats of for Jussi and let’s hope best for this build!

  2. Jussi says:


    Finns and boring long winters….

    Ok someone put this in here…
    Thanks, This Autumn it should be rolling and have complete body on it.
    2014 summer it will be running.

    I still have my summer car this old KE20 corolla (400hp turbo) to finish.
    Last summer It was running but now I need some upgrades…

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