This build comes courtesy of Ben, a mechanic with a love for Hondas. It’s not hard to see why he submitted this car, an LS7 powered NSX. The build is a truly multicultural affair, starting with a Japanese car, adding an American engine, transferring the power through a German transmission, stopping the whole thing with Italian brakes , and at the end of your track session it gets raised into the air courtesy of some English air jacks. We can only hope that the owner updates his website so we can see more of this amazing project.

The homepage for this build is but like I mentioned earlier, it is in need of an update.

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8 Responses to “LS7 NSX”

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  2. HC says:

    Man that thing will be a beast once its done. Btw really loving your site, especially all the crazy builds like this. Its mostly whats been motivating me to write more on my own blog.

  3. anth says:

    thanks for the kind words dude, glad I can be a source of inspiration 🙂 although I really should post more than I currently do.

  4. Oli says:

    It is… beautiful

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  6. Spike says:

    So much sacrilege! I usually don’t mind engine swaps, especially when it goes against purists. But why oh why would you replace one of the best engines ever made? 9000+ rpm in a V6 with VTEC, why would you give that up?!?

  7. Cereal says:

    Uhm… for reliable proven horsepower? I swear, sometimes purist go from being fans to being idiots.

  8. Robert Mitchell Bey says:

    GREAT JOB, WOOOOW! Can you do this with an F1 indy Honda engine for the NSX??? If so, what would be cost if you could estimate?

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