Mustegra – DC2 Integra / 96 Mustang

This build doesn’t start off with a bare shell, a neglected car found under a tree, or even anything remotely standard, it actually starts off with a Honda Integra that had already been featured in a magazine. So how can a build start off with an already complete car? Well, because the guts of the Honda gets removed and fitted atop a ’96 Mustang Cobra, creating a V8, RWD Integra. The interesting thing to note is that the owners inspiration for this build was actually the Civette, another Honda chassis swap that graced these pages.

Thanks to Matt for submitting.

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5 Responses to “Mustegra – DC2 Integra / 96 Mustang”

  1. PureSilver says:

    Thank Christ it was posted here, because that thread is one of the biggest trainwrecks I’ve ever seen online and I didn’t even make it past page six. If ever anyone needed a perfect example of what happens when a forum isn’t moderated properly, ‘’ is apparently it.

  2. Kimo says:

    Thanks guys! The last 2 pictures with the white wheels is how it sits now! Thanks for the article!

  3. g perez says:

    Dude where did u get those fenders and flares!!? Call me txt me 775-3784019 please!!

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