Opel Kadett + S2000


I found this build while browsing Oldschool.co.nz so a big thanks to those guys first up.

The builder behind this Kadett has taken a similar approach to the Mad Minor project that was previously featured, essentially taking two uni-body cars and combining the body from one with the chassis from the other.

Should be a real weapon once it’s finished. Head to the full build thread for more pics, info and updates:

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7 Responses to “Opel Kadett + S2000”

  1. He lives near me and I think he has some more mad plans for monza’s and manta’s etc.

  2. anth says:

    well he’s doing a great job so far, can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve

  3. Bear79 says:

    Great car..
    Just a little tip: check http://www.opelkadettcclub.nl
    a nice site from the Netherlands.


  4. Chin says:

    Two nice cars ruined to make an even better car!!! Reading these chassis swap builds really pushed me to take some welding class’s. Forward thinkers FTW!

  5. anth says:

    I’m glad the chassis-swap tag is being put to use!

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