R33 Skyline Ute

You most likely saw the finished product featured on Speedhunters last week, but have you seen the build of the R33 ute? Check after the jump for the link. If that isn’t enough sportscar-to-ute conversion action for you, then you can check out these previous features:
Truckasaurus RX7
BMW M5 ute

Build Thread: http://www.driftworks.com/forum/drift-car-projects-builds/99209-r33-skyline-pickup-truck-fun-project.html


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3 Responses to “R33 Skyline Ute”

  1. Jesse says:

    I am in love with those overfenders, they look so intense!

  2. MashaMoto says:

    I must say this truck is awesome owned it for a few months now and one of the most unique vehicles to drive. we are selling it soon so if anyones interested please contact sales@mashamoto.co.uk

  3. Devin says:

    Im very interested, how much are you asking?

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