S13 Silvia, built to perfection

Another DIY masterpiece, Nigel has hand fabricated his S13 Silvia in such detail that puts most “show cars” to shame. Built to slide, this is a car that is universally admired in the S-Chassis scene. Created in an understated Japanese street-drift style, it works to a simple formula that is easy to replicate, yet so many people still manage to get it wrong: Subtle factory bodykit, low offset wheels, slammed ride height.
In a world where many people only go as far as bolt-on mods will allow them, its refreshing to see a late model Japanese car with some hardcore custom modifications, all done by the owner too.

Take notes…

Nigel also has another car in the works, this time a 180SX to use as a track-only weapon.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread on the Silvia.

Also, be sure to visit Nigel’s blog:


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