Saab 96/9-3

It’s time for another chassis-swap build, and this time the donor car and recipient are both Saabs. The builders are combining the classic shell of a Saab 96 with the modern underpinnings of a Saab 9-3, with the goal of creating a little unassuming Swedish track tearer.

Thanks to James from Car Throttle for submitting.

Update: This build is now complete, I have added new images and links at the bottom of the post.






CLICK HERE for Gallery 1.

CLICK HERE for Gallery 2.

CLICK HERE for Gallery 3.

CLICK HERE for Gallery 4.

CLICK HERE for Gallery 5.


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3 Responses to “Saab 96/9-3”

  1. Chris H. says:

    This is a breath of fresh air in the swap world instead of a Gm LS into everything!!!

  2. James says:

    I like the way the 96 shell is just dropped onto the 9-3 chassis! They made that bit look easy! Not sure about the front arches but the rear arches & lights are absolutely awesome! Cool thread!

  3. Hotrodemo says:

    Wow! Probably the both fastest and widest SAAB 96 ever build.

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