SR20 RWD Toyota Platz

I’ll admit, when I first saw an online image of this car in a Drift Tengoku magazine spread, I automatically assumed it was one of those weird front wheel drive ass-dragging drifters from Japan. But that was far from the case, you see this is little Toyota Platz (Echo/Yaris sedan) is actually powered by a black-top SR20DET, driving the rear wheels through an S13 diff/subframe.

Of course my friend Mike (resident Echo and general obscure small car guru) would be the guy to come up with a link to the build process, thanks Mike!

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Image source:


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6 Responses to “SR20 RWD Toyota Platz”

  1. mad bob says:

    `Good to see people thinkin’out of the box!

  2. pingar says:

    This thing is awesome!

  3. Justin says:

    Classical “At home engineering” at its best.

  4. […] And a Japanese page full of details I found linked off of the article on Build Threads […]

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