SR20DE 510

I’m trying to get through some of my oldest submissions that I’ve been holding onto for way too long, and one of them is from Duke, a fellow 510 owner whose build you can check out here). You know I’m never going to hesitate to feature a Datsun build, so when he kindly submitted one of such a high caliber, it was definitely going up on the site.

Quick specs: ’72 Datsun 510 4-door built for race/rally duties, packing a dry-sump equipped 260hp SR20DE with individual throttle bodies. More info after the jump…


CLICK HERE to visit the full build thread. The majority of the build gets done by page 1, but there are plenty more sweet mods on the next few pages.


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4 Responses to “SR20DE 510”

  1. Tony240Z says:

    Stick a VE head in it for more 9k+ madness!

    Seriously though, this is amazing, plain and simple. Stuff like this is inspirational for poor Datsun guys like my sorry self.

  2. Peter Bryant says:

    Lots of good engineering work in there, looks fantastic. Only question is why you wouldn’t put a rack in there in place of the old datsun steering box.

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  4. Juan grau says:

    Love that carbon sr20 cover… I would love to have one for my primera… Where could i get one?

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