TA22 2JZ

Karey emailed me his tough as nails TA22 Celica, powered by one of Toyota’s best, the mighty 2JZ. Built in true drag racing fashion, it features all the trademarks of a straight-line racer, like a tubbed rear end with 4-link, Weld Racing wheels, and a Ford 9″ diff, textbook stuff. It looks like the car is almost ready for paint, so hopefully some extra attention from Build Threads readers will push Karey to get it in the booth!

With so many older Japanese cars concentrating maintaining the nostalgic JDM look, it’s refreshing to see a return to the quarter mile style that was so popular in the 90s & early 2000s.





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2 Responses to “TA22 2JZ”

  1. Rocky says:

    Its about time… Karey pls finish her up.. very nice..

  2. Spike says:

    Been looking into TA22, there is something muscle car about them. Would love to drop a twin turbo 1UZfe in the front of tone of these!

    Do love this one, got a really nice stance with those big ass rear wheels!

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