Teenage Dirtbag – NA MX5

If there’s a person who embodies the spirit/mantra/black magic of Build Threads and the people who get it post tag, it’s definitely Bruce aka Mystery Machine from the Retro Rides forum. He’s someone who lives and breathes cars while also enjoying the challenge of taking cracking photos whilst wrenching, and documenting his actions as clearly as possible with an intent to educate and entertain his audience (not as easy as some may think). Having owned and modified more cool cars than I’ve had hot dinners, his MX5 project was the first that caught my attention, a thread that I happily read numerous times for my own enjoyment (a rare treat these days, as my usual priority is to find stuff that everyone else will enjoy). I hope you all take as much pleasure in reading as I have, and I look forward to keeping an eye on – and later sharing with you – his new project, already firmly planted in my bookmarks.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


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6 Responses to “Teenage Dirtbag – NA MX5”

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  2. Bastien says:

    I’ve seen pics of that car around… loved it. Pretty stoked that there’s a build thread about it!

  3. miata 86 says:

    hmmmm nice colour 😉
    want to wrap mine in noto green too…
    have a look at my blog if you want 😉

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