Toyota Starlet / Volvo 240

Time for another one of our favourite types of builds, where the mad scientists of the car world decide to take two unsuspecting cars and morph them into a single automotive frankenstein. I’m talking, of course, about chassis swaps. This time it’s a Toyota Starlet having it’s insides removed, while a Volvo 240 donates it’s underpinnings and drivetrain, giving us a RWD Swedish powered Starlet.

Thanks to Jose for submitting.




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4 Responses to “Toyota Starlet / Volvo 240”

  1. Andrew says:

    There’s a desktop wallpaper of this car available here: and a full feature in the April issue of Banzai 🙂

  2. José Coelho says:

    If i see olther good project i will send to you guys 😉

    Congrats for the site again

    cheers from Portugal

  3. Lester says:

    Thats just crazy and awesome!

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