Track.One shop build

UPDATE: A new build thread link has been added to the bottom of the post.

It’s been waaay too long since the last garage build, so to bring it back I thought we’d change it up from the previous features which were based on private dwellings, and showcase a garage built for commercial use. After completing a magazine worthy EK coupe, Mike from Tennessee turned his hobby into a business by starting up his own workshop. Instead of renting out a dingy little factory somewhere with a blocked toilet and faulty electrics, he decided to build his own damn shop from the ground up.

I bring you, Track.One…

CLICK HERE for the original build thread on NWP4LIFE.

CLICK HERE for the new build thread on Garage Journal.


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10 Responses to “Track.One shop build”

  1. man, i want to build something like this- just for fun 🙂 Love shop builds!!

  2. Man this is amazing, i love shop builds. not least because it’s something like my dream to build a shop one day…

  3. Track.One says:

    Thanks guys!!! Someone just showed me you guys put this up! I should send you the current pictures of the shop! A whole lot has changed since I finished building it in July of 2010 🙂 Check out our facebook fan page..theres a ton of pictures and updates there

  4. anth says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for leaving a comment, unfortunately the Facebook link doesn’t work for me 🙁

  5. Track.One says: works fine for me…well I tagged you guys in a post I made on there so you should be able to get to it 🙂 Thanks again!

  6. kovan says:

    look where it started.

    and look were you’re now!


  7. Josh says:

    Loved the write up on garage journal!

  8. Rush says:

    Every car guys dream

  9. Diego says:

    It’s a shame Mike had to pull the plug on such a project, great shop, great work, simply amazing, and it just died. A tribute to Track.One and Mike Suzin.

  10. Blake says:

    No worries, looks as though he has bounced back and is doing better than ever according to the new shop pics and his FaceBook page.

    Awesome job and a true show of character, Mike. A real inspiration.

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