Twin Turbo ’70 Firebird

Well, it’s the silly season, aka SEMA season, so a bunch of huge builds have been wrapped up just in time to make it through the doors of the Las Vegas Convention Centre. One of those builds is this evil looking, black on black, twin turbo, 1970 Pontiac Firebird built by the team at All Speed Performance. I was lucky enough to catch the build thread a couple of weeks ago when the car was in the body shop, so I was excited to check up on it’s progress now that some SEMA coverage is starting to flow, and thankfully it was completed in time. Build thread link after the jump.

CLICK HERE to head over to the full build thread.


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5 Responses to “Twin Turbo ’70 Firebird”

  1. Hecht says:

    Saw that beasty on Pro-Touring forums. Just wow! It’s a shame, these insane builds look better in metal and in process. But wow! Love the stance!

  2. bc says:

    Nice car overall, pity about those scoops on the bonnet though, reminds me too much of the stupid bonnets they put on civics.

  3. Buddy says:

    Should have bagged it and atleast used spacers all around if he’s going to go with such small tires.

  4. TJM says:

    I like the stepped roof and the paint.

    But the over exaggereated hood scoops and tail spoiler.
    And those molded in ground effects.

    And then to leave those hideous door handles , a nice set of flush pocket handles would of looked really good.

    Could of been a great car.

  5. I could have bought a standard BBR Turbo last year, I didn’t realist what a pain it was to turbo an mx5, I’ve been reading but it’s all a bit daunting, I found a bloke in Whitchurch who fits them though – so I might just get someone else to do it.

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