VR6 MK1 Cabby 16-day build

Remember the Eurowise AWD R32 powered Mk1 rabbit? Well it’s still in progress, but the team responsible for the build decided they wanted a sweet ride of their own to debut at the recent H20 show. So with that in mind they locked themselves in the Eurowise compound and built a VR6 powered Mk1 Cabby in 16 days. That’s an engine swap, bodywork, paint, interior, suspension…all in just over a couple of weeks. Anyone else feeling very lazy and incompetent at the moment?

CLICK HERE for the full build thread (there are some videos of the build in there, too).


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One Response to “VR6 MK1 Cabby 16-day build”

  1. sportwagon says:

    I’m totally in love with this little cabrio. I just want to hug it. And squeeze it. And call it George . . .

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