VW Bug Pickup

1967 Volkswagen Beetle + roof chop + 1950 Chevy pickup = Bugtruck!

Thanks to Geoff for submitting.

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11 Responses to “VW Bug Pickup”

  1. Mito says:

    Great Job

  2. bmw325_num99 says:

    It looks like too nice of a bug to cut up…shame. At least he did a good job.

  3. Mark wise says:

    That’s looks bad ass would u ever sell that sweet ride.

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  5. HebGuy says:

    How do I contact this Mark I have several questions on how to radius the door corners and the
    bed attachment……..

    I have a 50 chev truck located to make the conversion.

  6. HebGuy says:

    How do i contact this guy and ask some more questions?
    I would like to chat with the builder and get more details on the build.

    thanks in advance
    Hebguy in Colorado

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  8. James says:

    Absolutely love your creation! It’s an errorless cross between
    old school Americana auto art and timeless engineering art.
    The curves and the lines go perfectly together as if it were a
    factory creation.

  9. Fábio says:

    Gostaria de fabricar este modelo aqui no Brasil para meu uso tenho um fusca
    84 como podemos fazer para que me passe o projeto ?
    Ficarei grato

  10. John Smith says:

    The way old car is transformed to a new vehicle is awesome. The red color is light and pleasant. I wish to have one

  11. tom pomeroy says:

    If possible can the detail about the top of door corners be shown or explained? Geoff mentioned he found a better way to radius them but I didn’t find the explanation. A very nice creation, really great to see a young man do it right because ”he ” wanted to. thanks tom

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