VW Kombi + Trailer

More crazy contraptions from our Scandinavian friends. This time it’s some Finns who have created a VW Kombi trailer made from an unused cab, complete with airbags, tubs, and some big American Racing hoops. If that isn’t enough, it actually gets towed around by a matching full-size Kombi.

Thanks to Jani-Matti for submitting this one.

Build thread:


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8 Responses to “VW Kombi + Trailer”

  1. Hecht says:

    That is so rad! The actual kombi up front would look cool with those big wheels. 🙂

  2. […] have seen pictures of this VW splitscreen camper van trailer before but now thanks to the brilliant Build Threads site I have now seen just how much work they did to make such a cool little […]

  3. olli s. says:

    words can’t describe how sick this is

  4. V8 Lexibug says:

    These guys do things with style and perfection…loved reading the build progress. Gave me some ideas for my V8 Kombi! 😉

  5. Chris says:

    SWEET. I like how it looks like it could be driven. Lets the imagination run wild.

  6. hartman says:

    Link to build thread appears to be dead. Anyone have an updated link?

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  8. Splitbus says:

    […] This trailer actually started off life as the font half of a single cab. Complete with airbags and matching paint and logos there’s a heap of work thats gone into this thing. It’s got to be the best finished trailer we’ve seen. Check out the build thread over at http://www.build-threads.com/build-threads/vw-kombi-trailer/ […]

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