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Social-media round-up v4

Catch up with the recent postings from the Build Threads social media feed… Facebook | Twitter Source: Speedhunters   Source: Iron & Air   Source: (1953 Business Coupe)   Source: Engineered to Slide   Source: Build Threads Communal Garage   Source: (1UZFE MKII Supra)   Source: (Subaru Legacy RS Type RA)   […]

Social-media round-up v3

Catch up with the recent postings from the Build Threads social media feed… Facebook | Twitter Source:   Source: The Chronicles   Source:   Source:   Source: RA64Freddy   Source: On The Limit Photography   Source: The Selvedge Yard   Source: High Performance Academy   Source: Holographic Hammer   Source: Khyzyl Saleem […]

Build Update: Saab 96/9-3

I just received an email from Nicholas from Neo Brothers in the UK letting me know that their Saab 96/9-3 mash-up project is complete. I have since updated the original post with some new images and links to the build galleries. If you remember this build, now’s your chance to see it complete. If you haven’t, […]

Social-media round-up v2

Catch up with the recent postings from the Build Threads social media feed… Facebook | Twitter Source: Piper Motorsport (Click Here for build gallery on Facebook)   Source: Fabrication Life   Source: Unknown   Source: Speedhunters   Source: Matthew Griffiths   Source: TF-Works  

Social-media round-up v1

Since not everyone accesses the Facebook and Twitter pages, I thought I might start re-posting some of the content here periodically. Good idea? Bad idea? Source: MotoIQ Source: NoriYaro Source: Khyzyl Saleem Source: Zen Garage Source: I Love Berg Cup

Exclusive look: Peasnell Racing Designs

I know for the most part that is kind of a one-way thing. I post, you read, that type of deal. But the truth is that I love hearing from readers via email, Twitter, the Facebook page, and the new Facebook Discussion Group. Whilst everyone’s projects can’t be featured, I still love seeing what […]

My visit to Mooneyes USA

In September last year, my wife and I headed to the US and Mexico for our honeymoon. While I’m not the type of guy to go out of my way to do car stuff when I’m traveling – I didn’t even visit one workshop while I was in Japan! – I discovered that Mooneyes was […]

Project Honda City Turbo II – Introduction

A couple of friends of mine (the same guys I went to Winton with) have embarked on a joint project car. The car in question is an obscure little Honda, and it’s not a Civic. Nope, it’s even better, it’s a City Turbo II. If you’re unfamiliar with these awesome little cars, you can read […]

Winton Track Day – 3rd May 2014

A few weeks ago I made the 2 hour trek up north to Winton Raceway for my second ever track day in my Datsun 1600. I have to say it was a fantastic weekend, due not only to the great company of my friends Tony and Ryan, but also the smooth running of the day […]

BUILD UPDATE: Beck Kustoms Kuda

It’s been over 2 and a half years since I featured Aaron’s Beck Kustoms Cuda, and there’s been plenty of progress since then. I’ve just gone through and updated the original post with a bunch of new images, so take some time out and catch up with Aaron’s amazing work, including a shake-down video. CLICK […]