Tales of the Rat Fink

Speedhunters have just done a nice writeup on Ed “Big Daddy” Roth as a part of their “Misfits and Mavericks Month”. Whilst reading through the comments at the end of the story, I noticed someone posted up a non-descriptive Youtube link related to the subject. When I clicked the link I was greeted with a full length movie/documentary over 1hr in length. If you’ve got the time, I highly recommend watching this piece. Not only does it focus on Ed’s crazy creations, but it also touches on the history of hot rodding and how it boomed into a successful commercial industry, something I find very interesting. 1950’s California sure would have been a fun place to be growing up as a young gear-head.


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4 Responses to “Tales of the Rat Fink”

  1. Video isn´t working now…

  2. fwolf says:

    ah .. yes, I already watched this one. Really great done stuff – not mentioning its content 😀

    cu, w0lf.

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