Jet-powered land-speed motorbike


Just when I think I’ve seen it all, when I think I can’t possibly be surprised at what pops up in my inbox, along comes Anders with his gas-turbined powered motorbike. When I actually figured out what I was looking at, all I could do is sit back and laugh in amazement. I consider myself so lucky that people like Anders want to email me their amazing projects, built using techniques that I can’t even begin to comprehend. To get to the point, I’ll let him explain what he’s got cooking…

I just found your website and thought I should show you my little project that has been going for 4 years and counting, it is a scratch built gas turbine motorcycle with which I aim to set a land speed record in the APS/Omega class at Bonneville Speed Week.

The turboshaft gas turbine is built by myself around a Garrett TV94 rotor with everything cast, turned and milled on my manual tools at home, I´ve spent three years on it and now I am about to test it for the second time in the bike frame. It should be capable of producing somewhere between 150-180hp on the rear wheel once everything is tuned in.

If you like milling, machining, lathes, jets, flames, welding, casting…hell, if you like anything mechanical, you’re going to love this. Don’t forget to check out the test video at the end of the post, and another bonus video of something else Anders and his crazy Swedish mates have added jet propulsion to. All hail the Scandinavians.

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Scratch-built Mid-engined sports car


Build, built, building. “I built my car”, “check out my build“, “have you seen this guy’s build?”. Has the word lost it’s meaning? I hear these sentences getting thrown around a lot, maybe too much, it seems to be the go-to word instead of saying you’ve “modified” a car. While I’m not prepared to sit and discuss the merits of this one term, I want you to take solace in knowing that there are still people out there who truly embody the word “build”. Just like the folks at Invision Prototypes, who take that simple word and turn it up to 11, by putting together this completely hand-built car, a mind-boggling exercise in metal shaping and forming. Seriously, just click below to see what I mean, you’ll be blown away by what you see.

Thanks to Peter for submitting.

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Top 10 builds of 2013

Just like last year, I thought I’d round up the most viewed builds of 2013 and post them up in a list. Looking back and seeing what you and your fellow readers like the most is very interesting to me, and it’s a great reason for you to re-check some great builds from the year gone by.

Here we go!…


10. LSX E39 BMW Wagon – Kicking off the list is this very detailed build featured back in June. This unassuming E39 BMW wagon was the recipient of an LSX engine transplant, all documented very thoroughly in an enjoyable thread with great photography. Definitely one of those ‘make a cup of coffee and get comfortable’ builds.

9. 1969 Porsche 911 GT3 Restomod – Ahh, classic Porsches, the darlings of the internet. I’d be a fool not to feature them, especially ones as nice as this, packing a carbon wide-body and late model watercooled GT3 engine conversion.

8. Lifted MKV Golf – I’m very glad to see this car make the list and I always get a kick out of re-posting it. This is a perfect representation of someone bucking the trend and going in the complete different direction to those around them.

7. Mach 40 Mustang/GT - Big dollar car, with big dollar mods. A Ford Mustang morphed with a Ford GT, classic looks with modern supercar performance, purely awesome.

6. Bagged Porsche Dually – Remember what I said about the car in the number 8 spot? Times that by 100 for this. There isn’t much information out there about this extremely different Porsche (if you can even call it that).

5. Lancia Delta Evo1 – Part 2(JZ) – This was actually a car that I had featured before in it’s former state. It had undergone such a transformation that I didn’t even recognise it when it was submitted to me again. Thanks to Speedhunters’ coverage of Gatebil, this would now have to be the words most well-known Lancia Delta, and for good reason.

4. 4-Rotor Volvo 142Scandinavian builds are always a big hit, generally due to the fact that they’re almost always incredibly crazy and impressive. This one is no different, a home-made 4-rotor powered Volvo, because, you know, that’s no big deal, right?

3. Peugeot 205 Hillclimber – Bringing us to the top 3 is this little Pug. Home-built with lots of welding and copious amounts of tubing, this is what people want to see. Changing the drivetrain direction never hurts, either.

2. Satan’s Lady Bug – Just look at this thing, how could it not make the list? There’s not much Beetle left here, but I’m sure Satan would be right at home tearing up the molten rocks of hell in this V8 powered beast.

1. Ferrari F40 LM Restoration – The above builds from numbers 10 to 2 received between 8,000 and 16,000 views over the last 12 months, but the F40 post clocked up an amazing 66,000+ hits! The amount of time I spent putting this post together surpassed any other I had done before. Hours upon hours were spent copying, pasting, and re-hosting images so that everyone could enjoy the thread without having to sign up to Ferrari Chat, which requires a membership to view images. I even had to make a few posts on their forum to be able to unlock the private message function so I could ask the owners permission. As a result, people didn’t link to the actual build thread when sharing this around, they linked to the post, sending a shed-load of traffic my way. F40′s are generally loved and admired by most car nuts, so to have one being documented while undergoing an intense restoration is pure ecstasy for people like us, so I just knew this would be taking the top spot.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and patience during 2013. I know this isn’t the worlds flashiest blog, nor do I post nearly enough content, but you still send me love and keep checking the site, so I thank you for that and can’t ask for any more. You should all know by now that I never promise any more than I deliver, so you should be pleased to know that 2014 will be much of the same; builds, builds and more builds! So please keep me in your bookmarks and remember to like the Facebook page for more content between blog posts. 2009 – 2014, 5 years strong!

- anth

W12 powered VW Fridolin


What is this I don’t even? Apparently the VW Fridolin was designed as a postal service car, something I never knew (thank you Wikipedia). Somehow I think this particular one’s mail hauling days are over, especially considering it’s W12 (yes, W-freaking-twelve!) power-plant and Touareg rear end.

Thanks to Henning for submitting.

Click here for more VW builds.

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1975 BMW 2002


Do you guys even read these intros? Probably not! I mean how many times can you hear me say that this is one of my favourite types of builds, that the owner/builder is a craftsman, that the photos are great, etc etc? Well, you’ll have to hear it again, because this is one of those builds. What I really love about this BMW 2002 is that it was originally purchased as a daily driver, so the owner could keep his E46 in good condition, but the ’02 ended up being the main project and the E46 used to haul parts for it! Make sure you check out the custom solution the builder creates for adjusting the dampers in the front struts, it’s on page 25,+ very clever.

Click here for more BMW 2002 builds. Thanks to Archie for submitting.

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1985 Hino housetruck


Time to change gears again, it’s been a while since we’ve had something that isn’t a car/bike/garage to soak our eyeballs in. A little while back, Alex submitted his 1985 Hino truck to me. But this isn’t just any truck. While it might have started out as a regular flat-bed hauler, Alex and his partner spent many a day and night converting it into a bespoke wood cladded home complete with extendable slide-out sections, allowing them to explore the New Zealand landscape in the comfort of their own hand-built multi level mobile home. Make sure you check out the finished images at the bottom of the post, it just looks so damn cosy!

Not extreme enough for you? Click here for another camper van build of the more military persuasion.

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Classic Japan 2013

Yesterday in Melbourne we were gifted with a gorgeous sunny day to mark the start of summer. It also happened to be the same day as Classic Japan, a casual car show catering for Japanese cars and motorbikes that are 25 years or older. No prizes, no trophies, no egos, just a congregation of the states oldschool JDM owners and fans. It had been a while since I had driven the datto after experiencing some periodic teething problems since completing my FMIC project, so I was ecstatic to be able to have it back in action just the day before the show and enjoy a full two days of trouble-free driving. I didn’t take my camera with me, but my good friend Tony from The Motor Report was snapping away and has given me his blessing to share his images here. Click the images for full-size hi-res shots.


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Audi S1 V8 TT


Does anyone build normal retro Audi’s? Or are they all completely bonkers? For a car company that emits a rather subdued tone, churning out understated luxury cars with a few sports models in between, their fan-base sure do like to turn up the wick on their own 4-ringed vehicles. This S1 comes courtesy of Dave at EPS Motorsport, an Australian living in the UK, who saw fit to put his Quattro atop a a space frame chassis, with early Formula 1 control arms, composite body panels, and a twin turbo V8 thrown in for good measure.

Click here for more Audi builds.

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1UZFE 1986 MKII Supra


What can I say about builds like these? High quality mods, high quality images, and high quality documentation, everything we all love in a thread, steered by my favourite kind of builder; one with OCD! Another thing I love about this particular build is watching the owner’s skills progress and improve as time goes on. The choice of car is something we haven’t seen on the site before, we’ve had Supra’s, but never a MKII, so it’s refreshing to read about a platform that can sometimes go unnoticed within the nostalgic Japanese community. There’s so much quality here, from fiberglassing, wiring, welding and CAD design – and over 50 pages of it – so get comfortable!

Thank to Zac for submitting.

Click here for more Toyota builds. Click here for more of the best builds on the site.

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New stickers now available!

Hit up the store to check out the latest available stickers, featuring the new Build Threads logo, and the new Wrecking Crew sticker as seen on the Time Attack Lada!

More stickers are in the pipeline for the future, pending how much you guys like these ones. Thanks everyone for your continued support. Next year Build Threads will have been going for 5 years strong!