Project 510 – Fast Fours Magazine feature

It’s been over a year since my Datsun was featured in Fast Fours & Rotaries magazine, so I thought I’d upload the full article to the site for those who don’t have access to this particular publication. I would like to once again say thanks to Ryan Lewis for writing the story and Jun Sawa for the photography, it was an honour for my car to grace the pages of a magazine that I was glued to whilst growing up.

You can click on each pic for a larger version, enjoy!





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3 Responses to “Project 510 – Fast Fours Magazine feature”

  1. fRunco says:

    Great story for a great car.
    The approach to this build is a familiar one. Having owned a mk3 supra that was destroyed before it reached its full potential, I now own another that is much cleaner. Hopefully my plans come together as we’ll as yours have. It’s just a shame your front mount intercooler didn’t make the story.

  2. Dante says:

    As a Fiat 131 owner, I love this datsun. I almost bought a 510 before i got my 131.

  3. […] them with you guys anyway. Thanks to Ryan Lewis (ex Editor of Fast Fours Magazine who wrote the feature on my car) for taking the action shots of my car. Hopefully next time I can get my hands on a GoPro or […]

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