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BMW V10 powered Lotus Exige

What do you do with yourself after building a V10-powered E30? You do it all over again, this time with a slightly more exotic subject. This Lotus Exige gets stretched and widened in order to fit the M5-sourced 10-cylinder power-plant, culminating in a very sleek and capable supercar-fighter that gets put through it’s paces at […]

LSX E39 BMW Wagon

Every now and then I’ll waffle on about what makes a good build thread. My list of requirements usually includes nice photography, good writing, quality modifications, and the ability to tell a story. Well this is one of those threads, and I can always tell when I really like one because reading it isn’t a […]

V10 BMW Z3

As the title says, a V10 from an M5 was transplanted into a Z3 Bimmer, the only catch is that apparently it was done by a teenager from Bulgaria! Found on JDMST .

BMW E28 M5

Firstly, please excuse me if the title is wrong, but I’m assuming this is an E28 M5, someone please correct me if it’s not. This build was submitted by Mikael, and I’m not too sure what the country of origin is, but I know it’s far from here! That’s the beauty of this game, it […]

Projekte 36

Carbon specialist Andrew emailed me his E36 coupe project not too long ago, an E39 M5 powered show car with race inspired styling. I love the Super-Touring influence of the centre-lock wheels, and the E46 face lift is something I’ve never seen before. There are some tasty parts lined up for this build, hopefully some […]

BMW M5 Ute

Cereal submitted this build to me, but it’s something I saw years ago while reading Street Machine Magazine when the car was still a concept. It belongs to professional Aussie golfer Stuart Appleby, and it shows what happens when you’re a BMW nut with a whole lot of disposable income. An M5 sedan is given […]

E30 M3 + E39 M5 V8

This car is an insant favourite wherever its posted on the net. It seems everyone has a soft spot for E30 BMW’s, and this one is definitely praiseworthy. I’m not one of those people who turns up their nose when a person chooses to use a motor from a different manufacturer for an engine swap. […]