AWD Ford Fiesta Cosworth

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these completely bonkers builds. You know the type; pedestrian fwd hatch, completely gutted, filled with a skeleton of tubing, a north/south facing engine conversion, race-quality suspension and a change of driveline orientation? Yeah, one of those! While I could make up some story about how this car changed my life and waffle on for 1000 words about it, you know I leave that fluffy stuff up to the other blogs, so here’s the stats: MK6 Fiesta, formerly turbo diesel, now Cosworth powered all wheel drive, JWRC wide body kit, WRC rear cradle, full cage and tube front and rear ends, and heaps more. I think the pictures will speak for themselves, enjoy!

Fun fact: This is the 5th time I’ve used the word ‘bonkers‘ to describe a car (yes, I checked). Click here for more Ford builds.

Thanks to Maarten for submitting.
























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14 Responses to “AWD Ford Fiesta Cosworth”

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  2. Joe says:

    While absolutely gorgeous,there aren’t many people that have about a 1/4 mil laying around to play with to build that.

  3. Man i love cars which look like they came this way from factory, just in an incredible raw and sporty way 😀 great build!

  4. Marc Kinsey says:

    To reply to Joe, just thought i would comment, although it has taken me a lot of extra hours working to pay for this build over the last 5 years it is definitely not a 1/4 mil i can assure you of that lol

  5. Rob says:

    Marc, I’ve been hunting for interesting builds at a deep level and follow dozens of blogs. Combining execution and out come your’s is the most amazing I’ve ever seen. You’ve built a beautiful car I hope you get lots of time behind the wheel. rob

  6. Steve says:

    Awesome, awesome build. You should be very proud of a job very well done.

  7. zo6s10 says:

    Great car! Always wanted to build a “bonkers” street car based off of the old Subbie WRX. Full on street car but could run the rally.

  8. Andrew Galati says:

    I would love to have more information about this car and the Cost of the major upgrades. I would love to build something like this in the near future, obviously once I have already sourced everything.

    I’m from Canada so we have a slightly different Ford Focus but after researching the costs involved in doing this to my own FWD 475ft.lbs of tq car 2002 PontiaC grand prix gtp, coversion to RWD alone is 10-20k including cage/fab.

    Does cosworth sell AWD systems?

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  10. Tomasz says:

    can you share some tips where you supplied parts for this build.
    I’m planning something similar.
    Looking at your great car I have some questions:
    – what suspension components you used? Can you share source/donor info?
    – do you have some basic plans regarding the tubular front and rear end/subframes etc?
    – what drivetrain components are used? (rear axle/gearbox)? They look like standard Ford Cosworth 4WD part – correct?

    Thanks for help!

  11. Russell Spencer says:

    How much is this I want it

  12. Denelle says:

    Marc Kinsey Can u give me an e mail that i can reach u at. You can reach me at

  13. Denelle says:

    I live in Trinidad and Tabago and all i need to source now is the all wheel system

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