Bentley EXP Speed ​​8 replica

One very dedicated Swedish builder has been spending the last 3 years creating his own Bentley Speed 8 replica. By taking a 1:18 scale model and having it scanned in 3D, he was able to recreate the body shape in full-size and drape it over a hand fabricated tube-frame chassis. With a 4.2lt Audi V8 sitting behind the two lucky occupants, this home-made creation will surely have the performance to back up supercar looks. At the start of the thread there appears to be a twin-turbo setup in the works, but sadly it disappears later in the thread, so let’s hope it makes a return somewhere down the track. After you see the home-made CNC machine & plasma cutting table, you’ll agree with me when I say “chalk up another build to the crazy Scandinavians!”

Thanks to Ger from Ireland for the submission.




CLICK HERE to view the translated build thread.


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17 Responses to “Bentley EXP Speed ​​8 replica”

  1. trism says:


    that is all.

  2. Acc says:

    there is a english thread somewhere on the locost-usa forum too, maybe a bit easier to follow

  3. Scott says:

    Do you realize that Audi made a FWD 01E gearbox?

  4. Anders says:

    The Twin turb osetup is still in the works, he just had to take them off to make the creation street legal.

  5. asd says:

    What passion. Most of us can only dream of possessing this man’s dedication.

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  7. Joe says:

    Damn, now I want to go build an XJR-14 replica…

  8. Anders says:

    Here´s his swedish carthread
    Lots of pics, but all in Swedish.
    Enjoy 🙂

  9. raiss says:


    best one yet

  10. LJP753 says:

    So did it get finished ???

  11. EXP8 says:

    Most accurate Bentley EXP Speed 8 (2003) replica –>

  12. Lars says:

    It´s still in progress.

  13. Onlineshop says:

    Auction market…

    Bentley EXP Speed ​​8 replica | Build Threads…

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  16. 3d scanner says:

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