Hand-built LS1 MR track car

Attention tech-heads, here’s one for you. If you like CAD drawings, stress-tests, loading simulations, suspension pickup point design, and a whole bunch of other stuff that’s way over my head, then you’ll enjoy this build. This is one mans quest to design and build his own mid-mounted turbo LS1 powered track car over in Germany, reminding me a bit of the previously featured Bentley Speed 8 replica build.

Thanks to James from carthrottle.com for submitting.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread (still on-going)


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2 Responses to “Hand-built LS1 MR track car”

  1. trism says:

    oh my dear lawdy this is some skills.

  2. Acc says:

    isn’t the lad that build it from the US? He has another build thread up for that car on the Locost USA forum, which you should take a good look at btw 😉

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