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Austin Mini GT-Four [video build]


The folks at Bad Obsession Motorsport must have a bad obsession with building bonkers cars, because they’re putting together quite the ball-tearing package. They’re taking a Mini (or what’s left of it) and stuffing it full of running gear from a Toyota Celica GT-Four. Yes, that’s a 4 cylinder turbo with all wheel drive. What’s […]

Roadster Shop C-10 [video build]


One company I’ve loved following online for the past few years is Roadster Shop. In fact, I’ve featured a couple of their builds before, which you can view by clicking here. While cruising around the Pro Touring forums, which I like to do regularly, I noticed they were undertaking yet another new build. This time, […]

Project Hoonda – Turbo CBR900RR [video build]


If you’ve been a reader of Build Threads since the beginning, then you might remember the BladeRod feature from back in 2009. It’s owner, Mark, the man behind the very entertaining automotive YouTube channel, HoonTV, is a bit of a CBR900 nutter, as he explains in detail in this video. One of the bikes from […]

Midmounted Mazda Minitruck [video build]


This following build was part of the teasers I placed in my “Best of 2010″ guest-post on Speedhunters last year. Out of the 5 teasers, I have only managed to do a follow-up feature one of them, The Widow Maker. Well, here’s number two! This minitruck is like no other I’ve seen. It might be […]

Mini + Impreza WRC builds – Autos in HD

If you’re anything like me (which, if you’re reading this, you probably are), then you love watching car videos online. The only annoying thing is trying to find them, because let’s face it, navigating YouTube can get tiring after a while, there’s only so many times I can handle watching videos that are NOTHING like […]

Time-lapse DIY repaint

Here’s a cool video of a bunch of friends respraying an MA70 Supra in a very sinister shade of flat black. Click it!

Mighty Car Mods feature film

I’ve done a post on the very creative duo of Mighty Car Mods once before, so I was very pleased to learn that they’ve just released their first feature length film about their time in Japan. Hit up the MightyCarMods site to order your copy on DVD or Bluray. httpv://

Stop-motion build

You have to see this. Major props to the people behind this video, I can’t imagine how long it would have taken.

Formula Drift C6 Corvette build Ep1

One thing I love more than reading about a good build is actually watching one, my numerous seasons of Rides & Overhaulin’ DVDs at home are proof to that, not to mention the hours worth of Wheeler Dealers I’ve watched on Youtube! Pictures are great, but video is better, so naturally I was excited to […]

BMW Z4 GT3 Assembly

Source: Jalopnik via ColdTrackDays via JONSIBAL