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Builder Spotlight – It’s Ben Modified [videos]

Hailing from our very own Build Threads Communal Garage is a very creative chap who runs a channel called It’s Ben Modified. The ‘about’ page says “Anything with Wheels and a Motor”, and to be honest I can’t think of a better way to describe the types of automobiles being pieced together in this shop. […]

Electric S2000

Error 404: F20C not found. I was very happy to see this one pop into my inbox, not just because it’s been a while since the last electric build, but because an S2000 is a very unlikely candidate for an electric engine conversion. Thanks to Tito for submitting. Click here for more electric builds.

Electric Honda N360

Whaaat? An electric car on Build Threads? Well it’s not the first time, check out the AWD Pontiac Fiero Hybrid, the Electric Mighty Boy, or even the gorgeous hand-built Electric Hot Rod. This electric powered Honda N360 was submitted by Tengku who comes all the way from Malaysia. It’s interesting to note that the shop […]

AWD Fiero Hybrid for $2009

Each year, Grassroots Motorsports Magazine holds the “$200X Challenge”, a competition for budget-built custom cars to compete in a series of challenges, where the build cost must not exceed the monetary value of the year it is held in (hence the $2009 limit for 2009). This particular entry is a Pontiac Fiero, a car known […]

Electric Hot Rod

If you liked the Electric Mighty Boy then here’s another electric powered build. Similar idea, but a whole different execution. This one would be more at home at a car show than a Greenpeace convention. I love the way it looks without body panels, sort of like a skeleton on wheels. If petrol becomes obsolete […]

Electric Mighty Boy

Mike from Sp33dy sent me the link to this left-of-field build. An electric engine swap is a slight change of pace from the hot rods, drifters, and turbocharged animals we’re used to reading about. In a world were sustainability and environmental consciousness are the dominant issues of society, maybe this is something we’re going to […]