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1953 Business Coupe


Back in November I made a post on the Facebook page noting the abundance of European and Japanese rides on the front page. I asked you if you wanted to see some American iron, and the response was overwhelming, so I featured the Bagged 52 Chev. But you were duped! The picture of the car […]

6.1 Hemi Prowler


I still vividly remember excitedly sitting down to read one of my new issues of Street Machine Magazine as a kid, it must have been around 1997. I turned one of the pages to lay eyes on what I thought could only be a wild concept car or a one-off custom creation. But a concept […]

Bagged 52 Chev


Like I said on the Facebook page the other day, it’s a bout time for some American muscle to grace the front page! During my frequent browsing of one of my favourite hod rod and custom resources, the H.A.M.B., I found a great build of a 1952 Chev. This mid-century 2-door sits lower than a […]

VW Bug Pickup


1967 Volkswagen Beetle + roof chop + 1950 Chevy pickup = Bugtruck! Thanks to Geoff for submitting. Click here for more ute/pickup conversions. Click here for more VW builds.

Model A Coupe

Model A

We haven’t had a good ol’ hot rod on the site for a little while, so here’s one that’s been patiently waiting in my archives. A classic looking Model A, low to the ground, in a gorgeous combination of blue and gold, stunning in it’s simplicity. Notice the distinct lack of rust, skulls, or goofy […]

’51 Ford pickup


Almost 2 years ago to the day I featured a hand-built aluminium hot rod named Emerald Tide which took it’s styling inspiration from an artist’s painting. Well the same artist has many more paintings and the same builder is creating another awesome car to match one of them. This time it’s a chopped and channeled […]

The Orbitron


I’ve posted a video once before about Ed “Big Daddy” Roth which I urge you to watch (if you haven’t seen it already), especially before reading the build I’m about to show you. I’m not here to give you a history lesson, but I think it’d be pretty cool for the younger guys who might […]

Alfa Romeo Hot Rod


Yes you read that right, an Alfa Romeo Hot Rod. Who would be crazy enough to put something like this together? The Swedes of course! Thanks to Mikael for submitting. .

’31 Ford Model A


It’s been a while since the last hot rod build, so I think it’s time we sink our teeth into some vintage American iron. I can’t help but be extremely jealous when I see such talented folk create a car with their bare hands from such a depleted starting point. Scooter, the talented fabricator behind […]

Back in the day

How cool is this old colourised photo. Apparently this was a magazine cover which showcased cars built by the Ayala Brothers in California. If you want to read more about them, click here to head over to Rik’s very detailed spotlight post on the H.A.M.B.